Meet Lady T


In August 2017, I embarked on a remarkable journey with Paparazzi Accessories, initially seeking extra income and annual tax deductions. Unexpectedly, it has evolved into much more, transforming not only my life and my family's but also those around me. Beyond financial gains, the bonds formed with customers and business partners are equally significant.

My passion for both internal and external beauty propels me to invest in looking good, as it directly impacts how great I feel. The growth of my team mirrors my escalating love for the jewelry and community. I remain thrilled by the daily releases of trendy, detailed, and absolutely stunning pieces, an invaluable perk of this venture.

If you're keen on earning extra income or establishing a full-time career, reach out to me. We earn a substantial 45% commission on each $5 item sold, with the rest going directly into your pocket.

Whether you're here to join Team Infinity CEOs or add some BLING to your life, I've got you covered!

Warm regards, Lady T