About Lady T


I started this amazing journey with Paparazzi Accessories in August 2017 as a means to earn extra money but most importantly to have annual tax deductions. But surprisingly it has developed into so much more! My business is changing my life, the life of my family and those I am closely acquainted. But just as important are the relationships I'm building with my customers and business partners. I'm passionate about the pure essence of my internal and external beauty therefore I invest in looking good because when I look good I feel great. 

As my love for the jewelry and community increased, my team grew. I still get excited about NEW RELEASES that come out daily. The anticipation of the most trendy, detailed, fashionable and absolutely stunning pieces that I have access to is INVALUABLE.

If you're looking to earn extra money or create a full-time income, contact me. WE earn 45% commission on each item sold at $5 and the remainder goes in your pocket. 

Whether you are here to Join Team Infinity CEOs or purchase some BLING, I'm your Girl! 

~ Lady T